4 Simple Core Exercises Using a BOSU Ball

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Have you always seen this device in the gym but had no idea what purpose it served? The BOSU ball has been coined as such because you can use it “Both Sides Up”. The rounded dome side can be used faced down or up, offering a great degree of flexibility to the different types of exercises that can be performed. Due to the unstable surface, utilising this device requires balance and coordination and will really engage your core! Try some of these simple exercises below.

One Legged Mountain Climbers We’ve all done mountain climbers before but to take it one step further try this one legged variation. Flip the ball onto the dome side and grip both sides of the platform. Your starting point is in plank position. Bend one knee to your chest slowly, and then pivot it at a right angle out to the side, return to your chest and then lower again so you are back in plank. Repeat with your other leg. If this is too hard, just stick with regular mountain climbers first.

Bodyweight Squats With Weights Balancing on a BOSU ball can already be tough especially if the dome is on the floor. But who’s ready for a challenge? Step onto the platform, legs hip width apart and distribute your weight evenly to balance. Select an appropriate weight for your barbells, and with one in each hand do a simple bodyweight squat whilst simultaneously also doing a shoulder press. 

Crunches With A Medicine Ball Sit on the BOSU ball dome side facing up. With one hand holding a medicine ball (it doesn’t have to be too heavy) and you can place your other hand on your hip, lean back and then crunch upwards with your opposite leg extended up. Do a few repetitions on one side before switching over and repeating on the other.

Balance Deadlift Without Weights This is a great exercise for not only your hamstring and glutes, but also your core and stabilizers of your ankles. With the dome side facing down, carefully step onto the platform. Transfer all your weight to one leg centred in the middle of the ball and tip your torso forward. As you do this, extend your back leg at a ninety-degree angle to the floor. Outstretch both your arms so that you are in a “T” shape. Hold for as long as you can and do a few repetitions before switching legs.

Antonia Da Cruz Of Portuguese and Singaporean descent, Antonia previously spent 6.5 years in equity research & sales and banking, but left the corporate world in search of something more fulfilling. She currently manages the Hong Kong operations for GuavaPass and is always on the look-out for a new challenge!


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