Caring for your Cat in Hong Kong

We’ve all heard the expression, are you a cat or a dog person? Well, for all you Hong Kong cat lovers, here are a few tips on how to keep your cat healthy and happy.


We all struggle in Hong Kong with finding decent sized apartments, but the truth is your cat needs room. They need to feel free to play, eat, sleep and hide in your home. 

If you are struggling with finding the space your cat needs then here is a great tip. Build UPWARD! Many cat owners ask me, “how can I help my cat get more exercise”? I always advise them to purchase or to make cat shelves. Cat shelves are great as it allows your cat to jump up and down freely, keeping him or her active and fit. 

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It can get pretty hot in Hong Kong especially during the summer. It is important to keep your cat at a comfortable temperature so it doesn't suffer from heat stroke. 

A great way to keep your home cool and avoid high electricity costs from airconditioning is to get a fan. Keep the fan running while you are at work and your cat can choose to sit in front if it if he or she feels too hot. 


All pet owners know what it is like to be constantly covered in fur. Whether if on your clothes or absolutely everywhere in your house. 

To reduce fur constantly flying around in your home, purchase a “furminator”. These help to catch stray hairs while grooming your cat. Additionally, grooming means bonding time with your furry friend. 

Regular visits to the vet. 

Always be observant as cats are very good at hiding their illnesses if they feel unwell. Yearly check-ups are a must to ensure your cat is healthy. If your cat starts showing signs (however slight) of different behaviour then this could indicate something is wrong. 

Last but not least, love! 

Cats are amazing creatures and they deserve your love and respect. Love your cat unconditionally and they will love you back. 

Helena Chan Helena is half Chinese and half Swedish and has spent the past decade travelling Asia working as a fashion model, actress and emcee. She has an incredible passion for animal welfare and has spent years doing charity work for a number of different organisations to help promote proper animal care. Helena is a certified Surgical veterinary nurse and an ambassador for the Hong Kong animal charity LAP. Her goal in life is to incorporate both her skills as an emcee and her knowledge of animal welfare to educate the public on how they can help endangered species.


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