Define It with Trixie Velez of DEFIN8 Fitness

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Trixie Velez, formerly of Flex Studios, has her own fitness oasis tucked away on Wyndham Street in Central. This studio, boasting high ceilings and a wall of natural light – a rareity in cramped LKF – can comfortably fit about 30 people per class.

Photo from DEFIN8 Fitness Website

I had the opportunity to try the class that put this studio on the map: Fatburn & Abs Blaze. Yes… the class lives up to its name.

This was my first time meeting Trixie. I was fooled by her sweet disposition. As soon as the class started, BOOM her energy skyrocketed and, I felt strangely both scared and enthused.

She begins the class with a 20 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in which you spend about 30 seconds isolating a certain muscle group. However, note that you won’t get what you want out of it unless you give each set your absolute EVERYTHING.

Trixie encourages resting periods throughout the 20mins of “Fatburn”. The rest periods help your body regenerate making you come in to the next set even stronger. Furthermore, you use that period to let your heart rate come down before it comes up again – ready to burn.

The 20 minutes of seemingly endless cardio actually flies by pretty quickly. You are left with being completely out of breath and sweating out of every pore. It claims to be a workout that leaves you burning throughout the next 24 hours (guilt-free cocktail, anyone?) due to the adjustment of your heart rate that taps in to that fat-burning zone that is oh-so-hard to get from running on a treadmill.

Photo from Marie Claire HK

You have a short break after this and Trixie then leads you through 25 minutes of “Abs Blaze” on the mat. Do NOT be fooled by the mat – this part of the workout is just as trying as the first part. With pilates techniques, Trixie has you completely isolate every abdominal muscle through a cardio-speed sequence of abdonminal workouts (high amount of reps). Now this continued to burn even after the class!

What I really loved, however, was Trixie herself. Her smile makes you feel comfortable throughout the class and she makes an effort to come up to each individual to help. She notes that you don’t have to complete each set of each exercise, but you do have to maintain correct form and do your absolute best for each rep that you do. With this, she motivates with the highest amount of energy throughout the class. If you feel tired at all, Trixie will wake you right back up and give you that motivational boost you need to get through.

I am excited to try Trixie’s other classes! She is best known for her Barre and Zumba classes (after Fatburn, of course).

Check out her class schedule here. Try this class and let us know what you think!

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