FLO JEWELLERY Makes You Shine From The Inside Out

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

FLO JEWELLERY is a beautiful collection of meaningful Jewellery designed by Flora Chan. Be sure to check out her booth at our Mother’s Day Weekend Wellness 360 Fair on 12 & 13 May.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Flora to give our readers more of an inside look in to her creations:

360: If you had to sum up your jewellery for our readers in 1-3 sentences, how would you describe it?

High quality jewellery that is ethically made and handcrafted with meanings that inspire, empower and enlighten people.

Our website reads:

FLO JEWELLERY is a collection of high quality jewellery designed to remind you of the infinite possibilities within. Beautiful symbolic pieces empower men and women by inspiring hope and positive energy. Handcrafted by skilled expert jewelers using 925 sterling silver, 18K rose or yellow gold, FLO JEWELLERY collections are dedicated to working with ethical, family-run businesses assuring quality, fair and sustainable production.  360: Tell us about your collections...

Each collection is designed with its own story and meaningful purpose. The Flower of Life collection (HK$580 to $2,500) features the ancient pattern symbolising oneness, connection with the universe and harmony. Wearing this symbolic pattern is a reminder of the Universe within you.

Our signature Chakras Collection (HK$450 to $780) features designs of chakras that are the master programs running our emotional and physical lives, each one of them expressing different characteristics essential to our growth and well-being. Each piece of our jewellery has been created with love for you to use as a reminder for the positive changes, desires or manifestations that you intend to bring into your life.

I’m also very excited about our newly launched Mantra Collection (HK$1,130 to $2000). I specifically like the necklace with the ‘Believe’ mantra; wearing that reminds me to believe in myself everyday. Daily mantras evoke an inspiring connection to your mind, body and soul empowering you to achieve your aspirations.

360: Which collection speaks to you the most?

The Chakras Collection is very close to my heart. I found it a great lens for people to reflect on their live and explore possibilities within. I love to connect with my customers and offer more than just the jewellery.

My customers told me that they are amazed with the message provided to them in the chakra reading and how they are inspired to do things differently and bring balance to their lives. I remember that one of my clients has low energy in solar plexus and root chakras and therefore lack self-confidence and sense of security and the drive to pursue her dream. She was jobless and lost when I did the chakra reading for her (she told me afterwards). I encouraged her to connect with nature and go hiking or exercising, to go out in the sun, to eat red and yellow fruits and to wear our solar plexus jewellery to help build ‘can do’ attitude and be reminded to keep going in her pursuit of dream and goal. After two months, she came back to do another reading and told me that she found a job that she likes and I read that her solar plexus energy was greatly increased and even a bit overactive with her full gear on!

It’s very rewarding and warm for me to learn that customers are wearing our chakra jewellery to be reminded that YOU are the creator of your life and have every choice to make positive changes. Wearing the jewellery is a great start to set the intention everyday.

360: What is your sustainable message - why is your brand sustainable and why do you believe this is important?

Sustainability is core to FLO JEWELLERY and it’s always in my mind when I run this business. I founded this brand with a purpose to bring positive impact to people’s lives. The brand is out of my personal life mission to bring hope and inspirations to people. To me, being sustainable means that we create jewellery and source materials ethically. Our production would comply to all environmental and labour policies and the workers are treated well and fairly. We collaborate with partners who share similar values. I’m also constantly looking for ways to support women from less privileged families by providing job opportunities and skills so that they can feel valued and can contribute as a citizen of this world. After long planning, I’m very delighted that we are launching the Impact collection in May this year. All proceeds of this collection will go to support the village in Cambodia, the second poorest country in Asia. I look forward to helping children and women in Hong Kong and other parts of the world as well.

360: Who is the woman who will wear your jewellery?

Women who want exquisitely designed and made yet meaningful jewellery to celebrate a moment of their lives. Our jewellery is beloved by a lot of yogis and women who are conscious of their well-being.

360: How can we find you?

Website Instagram/Facebook: @flojewelleryofficial

For chakra reading booking, you can send an email to info@flojewellery.com

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