Francis: An Intimate Israeli Experience

I was walking around in Wan Chai one day to find a great new concept restaurant opened on St. Francis Street (St. Francis Street starts from the bottom of the hill as you’re walking through Queens Road East). I was intrigued after noticing a candlelit stairway lead to people crowding around the street, with drinks in their hands. Suddenly I noticed a big sign that said ‘FRANCIS,’ and decided to approach the scene, only to notice a new modern contemporary restaurant that fits around 30 people.

The atmosphere is completely lively - straight down to the hip-hop and pop music vibes. However, it retains a sense of intimacy. It encourages smaller groups, as it’s packed and cozy (and is first-come-first-served). Its personality remains the same from day to night, but day time encourages more time spent to drink and eat.  

They have the most accommodating staff, with great knowledge and insight with what to order. Shout out to the restaurant manager James Ward!

Chef Goldstein comes from Tel Aviv incorporating flavors from Israel and making it his own. The food selection offers a variety of traditional meze, vegan, vegetarian, fresh seafood, and more! All for an extremely affordable price. The portions are perfect size for sharing, which enables you to try everything on the menu!

Kyara’s Tips:

  • All wines are reasonably priced. Each pairs extremely well with its food. The red wines have a perfect selection of medium body wines to complement the richness of the Israeli food.

  • Pick 4-5 Dishes (for two people). You can leave there being satisfied and not completely full. 

Overall, this restaurant has put Israeli food on the map in Hong Kong. It provides an experience that Hong Kong needs, a new and improved cultural experience! I recommend going as early as possible to grab secure your spot: this is one restaurant you’ll want to eat at.

Find them here.

Kyara HarilelaBorn and Raised in Hong Kong, Kyara Harilela is an avid gourmand. With a degree in Advertising & Branding, alongside Computer Science, she dedicates her spare time in reviewing restaurants and cooking gourmet food at home. A pure food hobbyist – Kyara loves nothing more than reviewing her favourite eats and incorporates her finds in to her daily cooking.


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