Ginger Shot Your Way To Health

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Tizzy Shots is a cold-pressed, ethically-sourced fight for health the all-natural way. Homemade by scientist and cancer researcher Mia Williams for overall wellbeing.

The electrifying shot is purposed to fight the common flu through the flushing of toxins. The taste makes you want to to belive this. I start with the Classic Ginger shot first thing in the morning by throwing it straight back, result is the same as an espresso. Yes, this may be due to the spicy ting of ginger, but the feeling does last! Few hours later – zero crash.

The Classic Ginger is comrprise of ginger, lemon and Manuka honey. Flavours are impeccably balanced. Of course, the ginger overrides everything, but that is the point.

Mia recommends taking the shots in a number of ways:

Morning Add to tea or warm water (we recommend diluting this in taking a third to half of a bottle as a dose)

*photo sourced from Pinterest

3PM Slump Full shot it like a natural espresso

Happy Hour Add rum (or your booze of choice) for a healthier cocktail. (we recommend using the charcoal as it’s detoxifying and may help your hangover)

*photo sourced from Pinterst

The shots come in other flavours: Charcoal and Turmeric.

The Charcoal is said to cleanse your body through the elimination of toxins. It helps to escort toxins out through your bloodstream.

The Turmeric blends coconut milk and black pepper in perfect harmony so as to allow for ultimate absorption.

Do not be mistaken! All shots still contain a heavy dose of ginger. If you are looking to dilute the taste – go with the Turmeric.

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