Landmark Mandarin Oriental Goes Plastic-Free With Water Filters – And You Can Too!

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong (LMHKG) has installed a water filtration system for the entire hotel, therefore allowing guests to enjoy freshly filtered and purified water in the bespoke glass bottles available in the guestrooms and suites.

This is a huge step towards LMHKG’s pledge to go completely plastic-free.  By end of March this year, hotel’s guestrooms & suites will be equipped with reusable glass bottles for guests’ enjoyment during the stay.  Should the guest wish to take water with them, they may top up their own bottles anytime; or choose to purchase the hotel’s reusable water bottles for take away.  In addition, Amber, MO Bar and The Oriental Spa will also be serving in-house filtered, purified water.

“We are known for our wellness programmes and integrating sustainable efforts as a seamless part of our guest experience,” says Mr Torsten van Dullemen. He adds, “offering our own water of the highest possible standard is another milestone for the industry and a reaffirmation of our commitment to sustainability”.

You can go plastic-free at home with your own water filter. The Wellness360 team rounded up a list of water filters available for purchase here in Hong Kong.

1. In-Water Filter KURO-Bō Water Filter available here


This particular water filter is a piece of reusable Activated Charcoal that you place in to a jar of water. It attracts positively charged toxins and metals (like chlorine, lead and mercury) and attaches those toxins to itself on a microscopic level, removing them from the water.

Not only that, but it enriches the water with many minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus while neutralising its PH level. Furthermore, you can use your Kuro-Bō for up to three months!

Find it here:

2. Filtered Jar BRITA available at here

BRITA has long been scrutinised for its plastic-made filters. However, the brand now has a TerraCycle programme that allows you to send your BRITA back to the factory to be recycled in to goods such as outdoor chairs, bike racks and watering cans. Thus, an affordable and guilt-free way to filter your water at home.

Find it here.

3. Faucet-Mounted Filter & Counter-Top Filter

Wing-On has a variety of options with a vast price range. If you are going with a Faucet-Mounted Filter, we recommend that you measure your faucet circumference before you place an order online.

The stop in to Wing-On may be helpful to speak to a representative about your options!

See your optons here.

4. Counter-Top Filter WaterChef c7000 available here


Waterlinks Hong Kong supplies a Water Filtration system that is incredibly affordable for how effective it is: one cartridge lasts a whole year with a capacity of 1000 gallons. The company also provides you with a lifetime warranty.

Find it here.

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