Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park: Part 2 - Into the Caves...

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

This article follows on from last Monday's post: Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park: Part 1 - Into the Jungle...

Part 2: Into The Caves

This part of the trip is where it becomes a true adventure. Standing in pitch-black surroundings, a cool whistle of a breeze passes your ear... And the occasional bat. Turn on your headlight and you find you are not in kansas anymore. 

This beautiful subterraneous atmosphere is filled with biodiversity we have only heard of (thanks, David Attenborough). 

We would not like to say too much without giving anything away. Camping in the Jungle was yes, stunning, but this… we are at a loss for words. Here, some photos of the caves (without giving too much away).

This cave adventure is treacherous for both the small and tall individual: legs are not able to climb certain rocks; heads hit certain rocks, respectively. You may want to know that you will also endure a flying fox over a ravine. As a person who is afraid of heights I must say I was petrified. But the guides have a way of making you feel at ease and I ended up loving every moment. But don’t worry - it’s a one-way journey! 

The cave expedition takes about 5 hours round trip from the campsite. You will end it by traversing back from whence you came with the option to swim before enjoying a massive bowl of well-deserved pho. 

We ate our lunch at 12:30pm and began the hike back to Oxalis HQ at about 1pm. The driver at the end of the trail welcomed us with a cooler of cold beers and coca cola. ICED drinks never tasted so good! We ended up back at Sy’s Homestay at 4pm. 

Sy was nice enough to lend us his scooter for us to drive in to Phong Nha town with since we had so much time on our hands. We gave Paradise Pizza a go before rushing back to our hotel for our well-deserved sleep. 

If this trip interests you, please check out Oxalis Vietnam. The team at Oxalis is great at answering your questions almost immediately and they are equally as great at tailoring your trip according to your needs. Well, mainly, your time restrictions.  

Do note that the pricing quoted on their website does fluctuate according to the number of people in your group. 

Let us know how adventurous you are and if you’d like to try this by commenting on our instagram post! 

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