Raglan’s Coconut Yoghurt Is Unlike Any Yoghurt We Have Ever Tasted

In a good way…

This Coconut Yoghurt is YUMMY. We tried the Greek Style Natural Flavour and have yet to try the other flavours, but wow, this exceeded our expectations.

The coconut flavour is apparent yet not overwhelming. This makes it perfect on its own or part of dressings, desserts and dips.

The coconut itself is sourced in Indonesia and then flown over to New Zealand to be turned in to its magical yoghurt form. The yoghurt has a shelf-life of 4 weeks (once opened, however, it should be eaten within 10 days). Raglan claims that you can monitor this by how thick the yoghurt gets: You will notice it get slightly thicker over time.

Raglan’s Coconut Yoghurt Is…

  • Dairy-free/Lactose-free 

  • Vegan 

  • Probiotic 

  • Gum-free 

  • Gluten-free 

  • Soy-free 

  • Refined sugar-free 

  • GMO-free 

  • Flavouring & preservative-free 

  • Made with lots of love and care! 

Sold in glass jars, the brand aims to reduce plastic in our ecosystem.

Some more information you might want to know:

  1. The clear stuff at the bottom of the jar is ‘whey’ – it tends to separate from the protein (this happens in all natural yoghurt making processes). Stir the yoghurt before serving or ingesting.

  2. The coconut is a plant-based fat. Comprised of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), the body uses this fat for energy. Therefore it naturally increases your metabolism and reduces the amount of fats stored. Other benefits include:

  3. Feeling fuller for longer

  4. Diminishing wrinkles

  5. Immune-building lauric acid

  6. Processing fat efficiently

  7. It is 100% refined sugar-free.

Its flavours:

  • Natural Greek-Style

  • Vanilla Bean

  • Mango & Turmeric

  • Blackcurrant & Heilala Vanilla

  • Banana & Chai

  • Strawberry & Acai

Raglan’s Coconut Yoghurt is distributed through Eat The Kiwi Hong Kong. You can purchase the Natural Greek from its site.

Other flavours will be available at CitySuper Hong Kong from mid April 2018.

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