Second Edition of the ICON Ultra GreenRace

On the 1st of April 2018, the second edition of the ICON Ultra GreenRace 75km will take place from the County Club at Hong Lok Yuen. The event is preceded by two events on the 31st of March: ICON Ultra GreenRace 43km and the Kapuhala Green18km.

Photo by Sunny Lee

The headline event though is the 75km race. Last year, The North Face’s Stone Tsang snatched the victory from John Ellis after a back and forth in the final kilometers of the race. This year, a fit and conditioned John Ellis will race again. He’s definitely got competition though with TNF again sending in a strong team with an international contingent which includes Thai Jantaraboon Kiangchaipaiphana and the Philippine’s John Tay Onifa. 

Photo by Sunny Lee

Last year’s female champion Elsa Jean de Dieu is also back at this year’s event. She will have to countenance competition like Marie Mcnaughton, Katia Kucher, Uglow teammate Sakaya Matsumoto and TNF’s Baby Marites. 

For those unfamiliar with the 75km course, here’s a snapshot: The course starts from the Country Club at Hong Lak Yuen. Participants exit the Club’s gates and run toward the Wilson Trail (and Cloudy Hill) along the road for 3km. Upon hitting the trail, participants climb to Cloudy Hill. After this the elevation on course changes significantly and frequently, with the only real respite coming between the coastal section of trail between 30km and 40km. The back half of the course is just as challenging as the first, especially as runners take on Pat Sing Ling, before the descent and brief road section back to Hong Lok Yuen. 

It should be noted that we’ve got something of an inadvertent completion that’s opened up; that being, a two-day endurance challenge. Five participants, will run both the 43km on the 31st of March and will attempt to back it up by running the 75km race the following day (1st of April 2018). Joseph Brown (US), Daniel Kefford (UK), Joe Luis (US, recently moved to Shenzhen), Jeremy Ritcey (last year’s 43km winner from Canada) and Tom Robertshaw (renowned Hong Kong 4 Trails record holder from the UK) have registered for both the 43km (31/1) and 75km (1/4) events at this year’s ICON Ultra GreenRace. This is no joke, with combined elevation gain of over 7,000m.

Photo by Sunny Lee

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