What You SHOULD Do After Each Workout

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Cool down – this is important as you need time for your heart rate to decrease. Cooling down also allows you to have your blood circulate your body again. You know that head rush feeling you have when you stretch immediately after your run? Yikes, never fun.

Water – out with the old and in with the new! You’ve sweat out all the bad, time to replenish with the good. We suggest sipping rather than guzzling. Hydration is key but you also need to listen to your body.

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Stretch – Lactic acid builds up in your muscles after your workout. You need to stretch this out. Also you’ll help your body recover more quickly by stretching. Try foam rolling to loosen the muscles and to increase blood circulation. We know, it hurts, but do it enough and you will get used to it.

Eat – Grains & Protein. You need to eat the right foods after a workout. Your muscles need replenishing after you work them. We suggest to have a small bite within 15mins of your exercise so your body uses the fuel for repair & recovery rather than for fat storage. Want to know the right foods to eat? Try these

Shower – Your pores are open from a sweaty workout. You walk in to airconditioning and your pores slowly close up trapping sweat. If you are succeptible to skin irritation (blemishes, etc) then you will want to shower pretty immediately. Even though you are still melting, it’s still good to get out of those gym clothes and in to the shower.

The headline photo is sourced from Health.Mil. 

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