Your Summer Skincare Routine

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Summer is especially hotter, muggier, sweatier. Therefore your skincare might not have to be as extreme as you think. It is better to wear lighter creams or serums to protect your skin rather than the heavy duty ones we cover our faces in during the colder, dry months.

Here are our recommendations.

SUNSCREEN, firstly, and most importantly. 

Remember with any product that you pick, you must include SPF as part of your routine. The sun is blazing and your skin is most damaged and therefore aged by the sun.

COOLA Mineral Sunscreen SPF30

By far our absolute favourite - this sunscreen contains rosehip, plankton and shea butter to moisturise your face as well as protect it.

When cleansing your face, we recommend something light with all natural ingredients. We recommend the below cleaning and toning combo with its fresh summer scent of apple...

PHENOME Calming Cleanser

This all-natural cleanser is a great way to keep your skin blemish-free after the sunscreen you pack on your face throughout the day.

PHENOME Brilliant Restoring Toner

This Toner brightens your face with its organic, all-natural plant-based ingredients. It is meant to restore vitality to your face that the sun zaps from it.

FRESH Black Tea Age Delay Firming Serum

This universal “black tea” firming solution is exactly what your skin needs in the summer months. You will benefit from a light serum that soaks into your skin much faster than a thick cream, which will inevitably sweat off your skin as soon as you step out your door!

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